Industrial & Factory LED

Packaged Lighting Solutions' consultancy division has a proven track-record of delivering successful industrial LED lighting solutions to clients. As a preferred supplier to some of the big brand names in the UK, PLS has the expertise of installing lighting in some of the more difficult areas of factories and food processing plants.

Heavy machinery is a big part of industry so we design our lighting schemes to work with the footprint, and with our ‘sneak effect’ approach on this style of installation there is minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of the business.

The savings for this sector are vast, not only from the reduction in high level and awkward maintenance, but the fantastic reduction in high wattage Halide or SON fittings to be replaced with high output, lower wattage LED products.

Outdated traditional lighting can suffer from short lifetimes and rapid lumen degradation, meaning that lighting levels are commonly below recommended LUX levels. Our consultants will work with you to specify the best lighting installation for your budget, using lighting designs to ensure targets are met, while minimising energy consumption. We will also evaluate the suitability of intelligent lighting systems to further reduce your operating costs.

Health & Safety within these sectors is extremely strict and our survey team, project managers and installation teams have glowing references for installations from some of the most difficult of environments.