Shopping Centre & Retail LED

The main traffic areas ‒ corridors, passageways, escalators, lifts and stairs ‒ are the essence of every shopping centre, interconnecting the individual levels and shops. LED Lighting by Packaged Lighting Solutions gives each area the correct ambience for its purpose.

Light is an integral design element of all this, and PLS is your full-service provider of illumination technology and expertise to make your architectural concept spring to life.

Smart lighting management combines daylight with artificial light to ensure adequate illumination levels at all times, while keeping the energy bill under control. State-of-the-art luminaires by PLS are available for virtually any lighting purpose, from general lighting to offices, from resting zones to food courts and from car parks through to playgrounds for children.

Service and back of house areas are just as important. Whatever it is that needs to be stored ‒ supplies, decorative items, equipment, furniture, or merchandise ‒ orderliness and clarity are key. Your staff need to be able to find what they need quickly to get the job done. Use energy-efficient LED luminaires, combine artificial light with daylight where available and use motion detectors to switch the lights on and off as needed, to get the best light on demand for workplace safety, unobstructed manoeuvring and easy identification of items.

PLS has the lighting technology you need to bring light into every part of your facility.