Sport & Leisure LED

Sport and leisure facilities have a complex set of zones which need lighting in separate ways to not only conform to CIBSE lighting minimum standards, but to get the best light output for the individual sport being played in each zone.

Packaged Lighting Solutions is a preferred provider of such installations in the UK and can boast a wealth of experience in survey, design, and installation. From sport halls to badminton courts, from café and recreational zones to swimming pools PLS can cover ALL AREAS of this type of site.

Choosing the correct colouration of LED chip per speciality is vital to the athletes. Marrying this with the correct uniformity of light fittings should create a perfect environment for each individual sport.

Our lighitng scheme process starts from getting from your vehicle to the reception area via well-lit routes, then from reception to whichever sector you wish to use, we design and calculate the desired levels of light to give full site ambience for an enjoyable visit.

PLS does not just cater for indoor sports lighting. The outdoor multipurpose pitches and sports fields can be an issue when gaining the correct LUX levels per specialist sport.

When HDTV filming is needed or smart lighting controls are necessary, where presentations and award ceremonies replace the sport, our special range of LED lighting products and controls can cater for these changes in usage.

All our lighting schemes are backed up by professional printed data to coincide with CIBSE standards, so you can be sure the areas are lit to respect the individual activities.