NYBC Maidstone

Completion of LED for New York Bakery

After winning the Lighting Energy Impact Award (Energy Awards 2016) for the Mexborough factory LED installation, it was only a matter of time before we were assigned to complete the same for their Maidstone site.

Food processing and manufacturing sites can prove to be complex environments for installation of lighting and with this site being a 24/7 operation, time critical procedures needed to be adhered to when looking at all areas of installation.

Working very closely with NYBC Chief Engineers and H&S Managers, our Project Managers and installation team pulled off a 'sneak effect' installation to work throughout the night 7 days a week to complete the conversion with no disruption to production.

sneak effect installation

The Challenge:
  • Large & complex food factory – significant amounts of processing equipment & complex access issues
  • Existing lighting failing to meet CIBSE and modern H&S standards
  • High energy consumption - significant legacy maintenance issues
  • Consulting‐led approach - programme managed for Client
  • Full energy analysis performed, including baseline metering
  • Wide‐ranging series of interventions recommended from Packaged Energy Solutions (our energy consulting division) - LED starting point
The Solution:
  • Metering & Monitoring – automated AM&T – proof of business case – subsequently adopted on process line basis installed by Packaged Energy Solutions our energy consulting division
  • LED Lighting upgraded throughout entire site, fully designed & project managed by Packaged Lighting Solutions
  • LUX more than doubled on average, to exceed CIBSE requirements

The installation was completed on-time, on budget and signed off with no advisories.

If you have a similar business site to the one mentioned above and would like to discuss the possibilities of upgrading your existing lighting to LED, please contact us.