Into the light

The Dark Ages have vanished

Yet another example of lower wattage commercial grade LED lighting being put in to replace the old style money burners and creating much better lux levels.

This factory is part of a multi site project awarded to PLS earlier in the year for a 'Supply & Fit' contract. The factories were surveyed by our expert team and products fine tuned to suit each area to bring lux levels to the customer requirements. With the facilities running 24/7 365 it was a great ROI and with the majority of the lights being reduced from 400w down to 180w you can see why the customer was impressed. Our fitters are trained in the highest standards of H&S and worked effortlessly with the dedicated H&S personnel onsite.

For this particular warehouse light we have used a Cree LED chip and a Meanwell driver. These lights are of IP65 grade and come with our standard warranty of 5 years.

from 400w down to 180w

If you have a similar business site to the one mentioned above and would like to discuss the possibilities of upgrading your existing lighting to LED, please contact us.