LED Squash Court Lighting

With all industry sectors looking to reduce costs and make savings it was no surprise when the leisure industry came knocking to advise on its existing lighting with a potential move to LED. There are many different areas of leisure to take into account... there is the reflective glare of swimming pool lights, there is lux level minimum requirements for sports halls with different activities, there is the overall look and feel of the place and then we have the areas like squash courts and badminton courts. It was essential to create a very similar lighting environment to what had already been there with an increase of lux levels to be achieved.

fitting was developed specifically for this project

Packaged Lighting Solutions surveyed and took average lux readings before working on an LED solution to replace the existing T5 high output tubes already in place. Normal LED tubes will not fulfill this requirement so a newly designed fitting was developed specifically for this project. The results were fantastic. The average lux levels with the existing lights in place was between 400 and 520 lux, when the new LED lights had been fitted average levels achieved were between 550 and 650. The original wattage per fitting was 160w (tubes) + ballast output and the new LED fittings weigh in at 100w per fitting. This will reduce costs dramatically as well as reduce the maintenance cost as the higher fittings always take this way over budget with the cost of scissor lifts of scaffolding. With a 5 year warranty it makes sense... but only when you know you have the right replacement.

If you have a similar business site to the one mentioned above and would like to discuss the possibilities of upgrading your existing lighting to LED, please contact us.