Car park LED lighting

24hr Underground Car Park LED Lighting Success

Packaged Lighting Solutions were tasked with reducing the energy consumption in the underground car park of a well known hotel chain in the UK The car park lights were on 24 hrs a day for 365 days a year, with no presence detection in place.

PLS replaced the old style T 8 twin fittings with a very sleek IP 65 /IK 07 35 w 4000 k LED linear product ‘Duro B’ There is a mixture of standard, emergency, presence detection dim down 10 options installed The Duro B (specification sheet) is a great versatile LED product which has all the different functional options all housed within the light fitting making for an extremely easy install.

The light spread has increased with continuity of 4000 k across the whole car park with some lights on off sensors, with other lights in corridors leading from the hotel to the car park dimming down to 10 when no presence is detected makes for a much better customer experience.

68% Savings in one year returned to client

The savings calculations for the client are based on the wattage reduction from the existing T8 twin fittings dropping down to a 35 w LED offering, but there is the maintenance of the old lights to take into account here too many companies just base the investment on wattage for wattage savings, but in many cases the time spent by staff assessing the failed lights, ordering new tubes and fittings as well as the time to refit these items all adds up.

If you have a similar business site to the one mentioned above and would like to discuss the possibilities of upgrading your existing lighting to LED, please contact us.